What is Vegetable Glycerin and how this company is combining CBD and Vegetable Glycerin

Do you know that most household products contain vegetable glycerin extract? Well, you read that right. Most healthy pharmaceutical, foods, and cosmetic products that are widely used in every household contain vegetable glycerin or glycerol. These products include;

  • Toothpaste
  • Hair Shampoo
  • Lotions
  • Drugs
  • Make-ups
  • Deodorants and many more.

Even though many people think that vegetable glycerin is unsafe and can only be used in biodiesel and soap-making industries, the fact is that glycerol is a safe extract used in making healthy herbal products. But before digging a little deeper about the health benefits of glycerol, let’s find out what it is.

What Vegetable Glycerin is

Vegetable glycerin is a syrup-like liquid that is extracted from palm oil, coconut oil, or from soybean. This liquid is clear, has no color, and has a sweet taste. The liquid is formed through a hydrolysis process where the water, pressure, and temperature are combined to break the bonds in plant oils. During the process, the glycerin which is separated from fatty acids is absorbed by water and further distilled to form a pure syrup-like liquid known as vegetable glycerin.

Because of the various benefits associated with glycerol, it’s now widely used to make a variety of household products as seen earlier. However, with the known health benefits of CBD products, most companies are now infusing vegetable glycerin with CBD to make the liquid healthier as humectants. For instance, Diamond CBD Company is adding CBD honey to vegetable glycerin to make it sweeter and more beneficial.

According to research, pure glycerol is precious in our bodies but becomes more valuable when infused with CBD oil. To help make the vegetable glycerin healthier, Diamond CBD – America’s most trusted CBD oil manufacturer – has chipped in and is now infusing CBD with the liquid. This is good news for those who love the nourishing benefits of CBD products as well as vegetable glycerin.

How Diamond CBD is combining CBD with Vegetable Glycerin

The numerous health benefits of CBD are making CBD products more popular in many households. As a matter of fact, those who prefer using natural remedies to treat health conditions are using the products in large numbers. For this reason, Diamond CBD Company is infusing CBD and vegetable glycerin to come up with a healthy product that has shown promise in treating a number of conditions.

In addition, the company has recently started combining vegetable glycerin with CBD honey to make CBD honey tincture, to help those who love honey as well as glycerol to improve their health conditions. The process involves first extracting CBD from hemp, and then mixing it with natural honey which they collect from the bees that they rehabilitate.

They then add the CBD honey to a solvent, and in this case, the solution is vegetable glycerin. The combination becomes a concentrated liquid that can be taken in form of drops. Apart from CBD honey, the company also uses CBD oil to make the tincture, and consuming it can be more helpful than taking pure glycerol.

Uses and health benefits of vegetable glycerin infused with CBD

  1. Used as a skin care

As seen earlier, vegetable glycerin is an essential product in making cosmetics such as lotions and other moisturizers. According to research, applying glycerol in your body can act as skin care treatment. The reason why this cream is widely used as skin care is that it’s a popular humectant. This means that when the product is applied to the body, it can keep the skin moisturized throughout. Additionally, when infused with CBD oil, glycerin soap helps in keeping the skin hydrated.

Another study shows that when added to body lotions and soaps, glycerol has the power to make the active ingredient in these cosmetics more soluble. This helps the skin to absorb the cosmetic more easily than those without humectants, hence making the skin to stay moisturized throughout.

To top it off, as you all know that CBD oil not only prevents skin irritation but also helps heal wounds, in the same way, applying cosmetics containing glycerol can assist in ensuring that your skin stays healthy. In fact, the mixture boosts wound healing as well as relieve skin irritation more effectively than using pure glycerin.

  • Used to make pharmaceutical drugs

It’s already documented; CBD oil is widely used to treat various diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Similarly, vegetable glycerin can be used to make a remedy for heart diseases, anesthetic, among other ailments. Apart from making these drugs, consuming a mixture of vegetable glycerin and CBD products from can help relieve body pain, as well as heal certain cardiovascular diseases.

  • Helps relieve constipation

Just like the way taking CBD products help in easing digestion, vegetable glycerin aids a smooth flow of digested foods through the gut by ensuring there is enough water in the gut. Therefore, taking vegetable glycerin infused with CBD products can help reduce constipation because of its laxative effect.

  • Keeps the body hydrated

Most people tend to drink plenty of water to keep them hydrated. However, this method of keeping the body hydrated may not be effective sometimes as a significant amount of fluid taken can be lost through urine. In this case, adding some vegetable glycerin in the drinking water can help withhold body fluids hence keep the body hydrated.

In fact, according to research, adding some glycerin in your drink is 50% more effective than taking water alone when it comes to keeping the body hydrated. For this reason, taking a combination of CDB and glycerol can be very helpful in enhancing fluid retention.

  • Improves physical performance

It’s a known theory that when the body is well hydrated, performing some exercises becomes easier and effective than when one is dehydrated. Some study shows that athletes may sweat a lot during practices, and thus lose large amounts of water in the process.

For this reason, taking CBD and glycerol drinks can help in keeping the athletes’ body well hydrated throughout the exercises.

Final thoughts

Even though pure vegetable glycerin can be helpful in the body, combining it with CBD honey or CBD oil can make it more beneficial health-wise. For instance, taking the mixture can help relieve body pain as well as heal certain ailments like heart diseases, cold, flu among others. Additionally, applying lotions containing glycerol as an ingredient can help in keeping the skin moisturized as well as healthy.

For this reason, infusing vegetable glycerin with CBD by Diamond CBD was a great idea as it ensures the two deliver their health benefits in the body more efficiently and quicker than when used alone.