Health food does not always mean a plate of blandness!

Eating healthy does not mean giving up the flavor or even a hint of sweetness. According to a recent survey conducted, 75 percent of children aged 3 to 18 years have breakfast with biscuits, followed by cereals, muesli, puffed rice, homemade desserts and snacks. So they are shortbread, biscuits and company, soaked even by adults in tea, milk, barley or coffee for a less bitter awakening. How to choose the best? In order to get more information about nutribake biscuits, you may choose to check the official web sites.

Simple Recipes

The first rule to recognize a good cookie is “the less there is, the better it is”. Usually, products with too many ingredients contain raw materials of poor quality and need a variety of additives to be pleasant. On the contrary, the list on the label must be short and “recognizable”, i.e. without substances with no nutritional value (identified by a number and a letter) that are added by the food industry for a specific technological purpose, such as storing, binding, emulsifying , color or aromatize. Among the Italian excellence that meet these requirements are the Krumiri Rossi (, produced strictly by hand only with fresh eggs (broken manually to preserve the integrity of the yolk), flour, butter, sugar and vanilla. A recipe handed down from 1878 for the royal house of Savoy and remained unchanged since then, as its laboratory in the center of Casale Monferrato.

Paying attention to fat

Among the ingredients, the various hydrogenated or tropical fats, such as palm oil and coconut oil, should be searched for and then discarded, all of poor nutritional quality and harmful to health  better cookies made with butter, extra virgin olive oil or oil sunflower. A good check can be made by consulting the nutritional table shown on the package, on the basis of which the products that have few greases (better if below 15 grams per 100 of product) and greater quantities of fibers, capable of inducing a greater sense of satiety and slow the assimilation of sugars.

Try to avoid food with excessive glucose, fructose syrup

In order to avoid glycemic peaks, but also the risk of obesity, products containing glucose fructose syrup should not be purchased obtained from starch (usually from corn), it seems to predispose to cardiovascular pathologies and increased abdominal fat, the most harmful to the heart. A final compromise between taste and health is the presence of whole meal flour, which   in addition to providing a greater quantity of fiber than white   contains micronutrients useful for the body to improve the immune system, reduce inflammatory processes and protect cells from free radicals. The important thing is to check the quantities on the label, where the ingredients are shown in descending order of weight the first is more abundant than the second and so on. Therefore, it is better not to trust the words “rich in fiber” or “multi grain”, but always check that whole meal flour appears in the first place and does not represent only a small part of the content.

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